LINE architecture threads passion, efficiency, artistry and focus into design. We design, evolve and deliver singular and resonant design identities for unique residential and retail projects. We pride ourselves on the relationships we forge with our clients whether they are families, or internationally recognized brands. We have a proven track record which is based on our unique process and talents.

We contextualize our project to the specific needs and characteristics of our client, the site, the project budget and schedule. In this way we minimize guess work and exterior factors that may impact the quality of our work and its consistency with your goals. 


LINE operates from the four core disciplines of 3D (or Environmental), 2D (or Media), Business and Marketing to make a brand visible and pertinent. We take one brand, one feeling, one vision, and fuse them together via multiple branding disciplines and a unique interactive process. We call this ‘Brand Architecture’ and we feel that this process sets our work apart and tailors it to your brand vision. We have won a variety of awards both for the design and the operational efficiency of our retail designs. 

In business for over 15 years and having designed over 350 retail stores for internationally recognized brands as well as up-and-coming retail concepts, we know retail and branding. We bring experience in design as well as relationships with manufacturers to bear for you in bringing your retail concept and business goals to life. Working across the spectrum of disign disciplines, we can bring focus and vision to a resonant family of resonant consumer touch points. 


Our award winning residential work has been published in a variety on national and international news papers and magazines. Our experience working on three continents for discerning clients enables us to understand the quality and consistency required at all levels of design, detailing and fabrication. Our background in all aspects of the built environment including Real Estate, Architecture and Construction enables us to provide you with a full range of services assuring your project is conceived, developed and executed per your standards. 

Our process for bringing your vision to life focuses on understanding and helping to prioritize your goals and desires. We bring our experience and talents to bear towards achieving your goals for whatever scale project you may require. We believe in the importance of capturing the essence of your 'dream' and then executing around a proven strategy to bring it to life. Through a series of iterations, a schematic design is developed, finalized, priced, approved and then carefully executed by an orchestrated team of professionals . Our process has been proven to deliver artfully crafted designs on budget and on schedule.