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nicolo | architecture,design,installations | Thursday, August 15th, 2013

The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia sent a request to the Japanese Embassy to build a memorial in commemoration of the 2000th year on the Julian calendar by creating a cultural center that would bridge the two cultures. The site is located in Fassil Ggebbi, a world heritage site in the old imperial capital, Gondar. The concept was to integrate the 2 cultures architecturally by relocating each countries traditional dwelling to its designated site. A new sense of space and value was created by relocating traditional Japanese dwelling that was no longer in use to an entirely new and social and cultural setting.
The Japanese Pavilion operates as a socio-cultural exchange center to home exhibitions and open markets for music, dancing, and other performing arts. On the other hand, the Ethiopian Pavilion operates as a gallery space as well as a water distribution depot for its neighborhood where rain water is collected and naturally purified.

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